Research Landscape

With its many excellent research institutions, Baden-Württemberg stands out from its global competitors. The state’s research universities, universities of applied sciences and more than 50 Institutes belonging to the Helmholtz Association, the Fraunhofer Society, the Baden-Württemberg Innovation Alliance and the Max Planck Society all make major contributions to basic and applied research. The state supports these Establishments and institutions of higher education and contributes to their growth through investing
in buildings and equipment. The Helmholtz Association, Fraunhofer Society and DLR also receive funding from the federal government. The institutes that carry out research that is closely linked to business needs make a particular contribution to the development of new technologies and technology transfer. They build
bridges between basic research and technical advances in companies, open up new areas of technology for business and help firms to bring products and processes to market. Along with the transfer centres run by the Steinbeis Foundation for Economic Development and the Chamber of Commerce innovation consultants, they lie at the heart of technology transfer in Baden-Württemberg.

The state helps brilliant minds to pursue new ideas in order to ensure the region continues to innovate and grow. Outstanding academic work across all disciplines is recognised by the Research prize awarded by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts. The prize money is the highest offered by any state in Germany. A total of 100,000 euros is awarded to one researcher in the area of basic research and one researcher in applied research.