The path to a scientific career: Transparent and predictable thanks to Tenure-Track Professorship

Tenure-Track Professorships from a special programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research are aimed at postdoctoral students in an early career phase and, following a successful probationary phase, provide for a direct transition to a lifetime professorship. Baden-Württemberg already has 65 tenure-track professorships; now 52 more are being added.

A Tenure-Track Professorship offers young researchers the opportunity to shape their scientific career in a forward-looking and future-oriented way. It strengthens the career prospects of young scientists by increasing the reliability, transparency and predictability of career paths to professorship, promoting early academic independence and increasing international competitiveness. In addition, it facilitates the compatibility of career and family thanks to wide-ranging programmes.

The result is particularly pleasing for the universities of teacher education. They did not receive any funding in the first round of approvals. Baden-Württemberg is the only state in Germany with universities of teacher education.

The 52 professorships are distributed among the following universities:

University of Freiburg - 7 Tenure-Track Professorships
University of Stuttgart - 8 Tenure-Track Professorships    
University of Tübingen - 8 Tenure-Track Professorships
University of Konstanz - 3 Tenure Track Professorships
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - 6 Tenure-Track Professorships
Freiburg University of Education - 3 Tenure-Track Professorships
Heidelberg University of Education - 6 Tenure-Track Professorships
Karlsruhe University of Education - 3 Tenure-Track Professorships

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