Life Sciences at the University of Hohenheim is among the 250 best universities in the world

With its Life Sciences department, the University of Hohenheim has been ranked among the 250 best universities worldwide in the newly published "Times Higher Education" (THE) ranking by subject. With the group ranking #201-250, the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart is in the top third of the 751 life sciences universities ranked. Despite the increasing number of participating universities worldwide, the University of Hohenheim was thus able to maintain its position. The THE ranking defines life sciences as agricultural sciences, biology, veterinary science and sports science. In the overall ranking of 1,400 universities worldwide, the University of Hohenheim ranks in the top third. It is Germany's No. 1 in agricultural research and food sciences, strong and unrivalled in natural, economic, social and communication sciences.

Current research projects can be viewed on the website of the University of Hohenheim.


Photo: University of Hohenheim/ Astrid Untermann

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