From the USA to Stuttgart: a pioneer of robotics for Germany’s Southwest

Baden-Württemberg has scored a coup in the battle for the brightest minds: With the appointment of the 36-year old Austrian Dr Christoph Keplinger, the Max Planck Society has attracted a world-renowned scientist, whose background and expertise perfectly complement and extend the research at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and within the Cyber Valley ecosystem.

Keplinger wants to reinvent the robot. The specialist in the field of materials research is investigating how the tinny robots of today can be replaced by those that are mainly made of soft materials. He wants to free the robots from their rigid bodies, which is why he is researching on artificial muscles that could drive the devices and a on a surface that resembles human skin. In this way, robots could develop a tactile sense.

“Looking at my future career here in Stuttgart, my long-term goal is to continuously push boundaries and explore new frontiers, and in particular, to completely transform the capabilities of humanity to build complex intelligent machines that rival or exceed the capabilities of organisms found in nature. I hope that many young people from many different backgrounds will join me and my team on this exciting journey and help shape the future of robotics by introducing new concepts inspired by nature”, says Keplinger.

Press release Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems



Photo: Adobe Stock/ Phonlamaiphoto