ERC Synergy Grants awarded to six researchers at Baden-Württemberg universities

Six researchers at Baden-Württemberg universities have won the European-wide Synergy Grants 2019 competition of the European Research Council (ERC). This puts Baden-Württemberg in the top group with North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria of a total of 20 successful project participations in Germany.

The competitive awarding of ERC grants in various categories now sets the standards for research excellence in Europe. The "Synergy Grants" category supports teams of two to four scientists (excellent young scientists as well as established researchers with outstanding scientific achievements). The maximum funding amount per project is ten million euros for a period of up to six years. At least 15 million euros from European Union funds will flow into Baden-Württemberg as a result of the grants.

The following institutions have obtained Synergy Grants:

University of Freiburg

Heidelberg University

University of Stuttgart

University of Tübingen

Ulm University

The research topics of the grants are located in the fields of astrophysics, neurology, quantum optics/quantum informatics and environmental meteorology.

For further information please visit the website of the European Research Council.


Photo: University of Freiburg