Effects of Corona on science and research: An evaluation by the Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Nada Konickova, head of National Information Centre for European Research at the Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague (Czech Republic)


What are the major changes in your job due to the Corona situation? 

All staff is working from home. We have postponed some planned events to autumn, when feasible we organize workshop or trainings online (webstreams or webinars). Also the internal staff meetings are organized online on a platform. Our services to clients are provided as usually with the exception of “physical” consultations (replaced by phone, Skype, etc.).

How does Covid-19 affect your work with your international partners, students and staff?

As described above – collaboration continues, but online tools are used intensively instead of physical meetings. No travels abroad at this time.

Everyone is talking about the negative effects of the Covid-19 situation. But, what are the positive effects? Are there any?

I see a lot of support among people, willingness to help others, solidarity. Also faster implementation and the use of some IT tools into practice. Less travels means less negative impact on the environment.

How does the future look like? What are your hopes? What are you wishing for?  

I believe that we will come to “normal” life and that we will think about the future and behave with more respect and responsibility towards others and nature.