We have been waiting just for you.

You have studied or obtained a doctorate and see your professional future at a university or college? If yes, you have come to just the right place in Baden-Württemberg. We do everything to ensure that ambitious graduates, skilled employees and managers from all over the world are able to get off to an excellent start in the land of the inventive Swabians.

Apart from being home to numerous scientific and research institutes, our region attracts people with its fascinating corporate landscape, in which intensive research is also carried out. Industry contributes 80 per cent of all research spending in our state. This includes global corporations such as Daimler, Porsche, Bosch or Festo that have their headquarters in the larger Stuttgart area as well as many small and medium-sized enterprises in the entire federal state that often lead the world in their particular segment. The latter are what we call the "hidden champions".

Technology transfer between science and industry is promoted continuously and the twelve research institutes of the "Innovationsallianz Baden-Württemberg", which have close ties with industry, also maintain links between basic research and industry. In a nutshell, we have enough jobs that will undoubtedly interest you.