Your Postdoc in Germany: Webinar 1 - How to Plan Your Postdoctoral Career

Are you interested in pursuing a research career in Germany? Why not come to Baden-Württemberg?

The German Southwest has a lot to offer for international young researchers.

  • Discover a diverse and outstanding research landscape closely linked to a globally successful industry.
  • Conduct your research in an interdisciplinary and international environment.
  • Get your research funded through numerous funding programmes.
  • Talk to experts from universities and research institutions in Baden-Württemberg and use the opportunity for networking.

May 27, 2020, 4pm CET: Webinar - How to Plan Your Postdoctoral Career

Find out more about different career options for postdocs and tips and tricks on career planning in our Webinar "How to Plan Your Postdoctoral Career".

Invited experts: University of Konstanz, Max Planck Institute of Immunology and Epigenetics Freiburg

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