Virtual Event Series: Your Postdoc in Germany, Baden-Württemberg Virtual Event 3 - Research in Industry

Are you interested in pursuing a research career in Germany? Why not come to Baden-Württemberg? The German Southwest has a lot to offer for international young researchers.

  • Discover a diverse and outstanding research landscape closely linked to a globally successful industry.
  • Conduct your research in an interdisciplinary and international environment.
  • Get your research funded through numerous funding programmes.

Virtual Session no 3: Research in Industry, Baden-Württemberg

In our third virtual session "Your Postdoc in Germany - Research in Industry, Baden-Württemberg", you will gain insights into industry related research in the German Southwest, Baden-Württemberg. Universities of Applied Sciences, Innovation Alliances and numerous non-university research institutions are part of the highly innovative and diversified research landscape of Baden-Württemberg. Join us to learn more about their research that has close ties to the industry!

Registration is open.  The virtual events are free of charge. Please register here.

Technical requirements

The event will be held on Edudip. Please use on of the browsers mentioned here and make sure your computer has updated browser options. Please be aware that Internet Explorer does NOT work with Edudip. To attend the virtual event, all you need is a compatible web browser, a broadband Internet connection (T1, cable, DSL, or corporate LAN), a media player (e.g. Adobe Flash Player 11.3) and speakers (or headphones) so that you can listen to the audio of the session. You might experience intermittent audio in some cases. We also advise you to use headphones, as this often improves the sound quality.