1 BIOINFORMATICIAN at University Clinic Heidelberg

Date: 23.02.2017
Valid until: 30.04.2017

    Hemophilia B is a severe blood clotting disorder which causes in-/external bleeds that are life-threatening if left untreated. It is also a most promising target for gene therapy where the aim is to restore the levels of blood coagulation factor IX in hemophilic patients. To this end, a most favorable strategy is over-expression of this factor in the liver using recombinant gene delivery vehicles derived from Adeno-associated viruses or AAV.       In a collaborative and interdisciplinary effort together with industry partners, our group is engineering novel AAV variants that are highly specific, safe and efficient in the liver of hemophilia B patients, and that concurrently show minimal reactivity with neutralizing anti-AAV antibodies which frequently exist in the human population.       Therefore, we offer a position for a bioinformatician (PhD) who will closely interact with the scientists and technical personnel in this project, and who will be instrumental in identifying and characterizing the desired therapeutic AAV variants. The candidate will be responsible for the analysis of next generation sequencing (NGS) DNA and RNA data obtained from liver cell lines, primary human or mouse liver cells, and tissues from mice. Moreover, he/she will help to optimize, streamline and standardize the workflow, including experimental planning as well as statistical analysis and graphical presentation of large and complex NGS data sets.       In addition, we expect the candidate to work independently, to be motivated and goal-oriented, to appreciate working on clinically relevant research topics, to display excellent management and communication skills, and to enjoy interacting with academic and industrial partners. Furthermore, prior experience in typical wet lab methods that are pertinent for the project, such as DNA/RNA extraction or NGS library preparation, are a plus, as is proficiency in written and spoken english. Finally, we expect the candidate to maintain proper documentation, to stay up-to-date on relevant literature, and to contribute results for publication in scientific journals.       The position will start as early as February 2017 and is initially limited to 1 year, with an option for extension in case of success of the project. We encourage interested applicants to send a full CV including a list of publications, a letter of motivation and contact details of two referees to:       Dirk Grimm (dirk.grimm@bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de) Phone +49-6221-5451339       www.cellnetworks.uni-hd.de/1024691/1_BIOINFORMATICIAN_for_a_gene_therapy_project_at_the_Grimm_lab    

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